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A New Kind
Of Idea.

GOAL Magazine is a semi-annual publication distributed in the Winter and Summer via subscribers, in waiting rooms, mailed and/or emailed by contributors and at local charity and GOAL Magazine sponsored events.


To innovatively reveal to readers the power of being diversely informed and doing so with style, class, and authenticity.  


"Individual Committment to a Group Effort" was chosen as the motto for GOAL Magazine to reinforce the committment all the contributors have collectively made to bring this magazine and its purpose to life.


Promote entrepreneurial while enriching minds with meaningful and thought provoking information through an eclectic and collaborative effort of local professionals. 



Authenticity is defined as being real or genuine, true and accurate and worthy of acceptance and belief while remaining true to one's own personality, spirit, talent, and character. The intention of GOAL Magazine, first and foremost, is to be considered a valuable ambassador of information you can trust. 


Collaboration is defined as the willingness to work, one with another, to cooperate and connect in order to achieve a desired result.  The value of GOAL Magazine is in the eclectic content provided without compensation by some of the most respected and well-known professionals in their fields, while effectively connecting readers to one all-encompassing fountain of local knowledge.


Enrichment is defined as the result of being supplied with an abundance of anything desirable; to add significance or value; to make finer in quality.  GOAL Magazine was created with the intention of breathing life into the desire for information and recognition of the value of expertise within the community.

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