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"Surround yourself only with people

who are going to lift you higher."


We live in an era of judgement.

Women in particular – though nurturing, passionate, insightful,

philanthropic, etc. – are judged on any number of positions:

What do you do? Why aren’t you married?

What does your husband do?  Do you volunteer?

When do you plan to have kids?    Do you feel guilty being a working mom?

How do you juggle it all?


The success of a woman is oftentimes qualified by preconceived societal norms. Why?


S.H.E. is a female-driven group created by

the women of GOAL Magazine as a forum

for women to empower one another,

without judgement. SHE organizes purposeful social events which always

have a philanthropic component and highlights local female - led businesses. 


Actions Outlive Words:

The true success of a women is found in her ability to make a difference rather than noise in whatever capacity she is able. Whether you are a CEO, secretary or stay at home mom, we welcome you and your unique abilities to join our efforts in S.H.E.  

"Girls Night Out With A Purpose"