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How can I contribute to GOAL Magazine? 

Our hope is to inspire others to share their expertise and become a part of something bigger than they are as an individual, thus creating a collective and empowering wealth of knowledge in each issue.

Our focus is to support local businesses, highlight local charities and success stories in each issue, and use the talents of a local photographer, graphic designer and printing company. 

GOAL Magazine is a unique way to advertise your business while educating

the reader. Many contributors send the publication to their clients as a

way to share valuable content with them and is a less expensive approach than bulk mail. This is a great way to cross share your information with

each other's clients. It is not required to send the magazine in order to participate in the publication. 

What Are My Options? 


Contributors provide editorial content aimed at assisting our mission to educate and enlighten readers. Our team designs your page(s) for you.

With a 4-issue commitment and the effort of cross-sharing information with your mailing list, will guarantee your business the benefit of exclusivity within the issue. Your business will be the only one from your field of expertise in the magazine. 


Advertisers provide a pre-designed full or half page advertisement via JPEG, PDF or TIFF or we can design one for you. There is no benefit of exclusivity of other businesses within your field. 


Submit a banner-sized ad at the bottom of a non-business article including your logo, contact info and website or a call to action of 15 words or less. 

*Once the publication is printed and distributed, you may  use the designed page or ad for whatever you wish. 

What Are My Costs? 

Pricing varies from as little as $150 per issue

up to $800per issue depending on what option you choose. 

The magazine is distributed two times per

year - once in the Winter (January) and once in the Summer (July) so your annual commitment would be anywhere from

$300 to $1,560. 

The magazine is distributed to readers across

14 counties in Pennsylvania and 19 states

across the country. The magazine is sent to

approximately 5,000 homes, businesses and waiting rooms, plus electronically hits over 20,000 email inboxes within Allegheny, Fayette and Westmoreland County.

To learn more, please contact Tawnya Rockwell at or 724.209.8219. 

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