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A Semi-Annual, Collaborative, Educational Publication

As a collaborative publication, GOAL Magazine utilizes the talents and expertise of local business and community leaders to provide an authentic and informative resource to readers.  Each edition is packed full of educational content ranging from estate planning strategies, to health and wellness tips, to marketing best practices and much, much more.  The wide variety of industries represented within our pages is sure to offer every reader helpful knowledge to navigate current times.  If you are a resident of Westmoreland County, you can also find feature stories and articles detailing community issues and local events.

Beyond education, our mission is also rooted in spreading positivity and helping our community to thrive.  Our covers feature stories that tell heart-warming tales of the good energy woven through our community, uncover hard truths that deserve attention, and highlight individuals whose stories empower and inspire the masses.  

Hover and click over the magazine covers in the slider gallery below to open past issues or click the button to open our full digital archive.

Start your GOAL Magazine subscription today to receive our new issues every winter and spring.  Visit our subscription page to learn about our mail and digital subscription options.  

Write for us

Our Contributors write articles based in their industry content aimed at assisting our mission to educate and enlighten readers.  The editorial serves to showcase your business and expertise to readers and is an excellent way to build credibility with new audiences.  After you submit your article, our team edits your copy and designs your spread for publication.  Depending on the pricing plan chosen, a number of additional benefits and promotional opportunities through our various channels are available to our contributors.   

Advertise with us

Our Advertisers utilize the magazine as a platform to directly advertise their business, services or upcoming events to an audience of over 25,000 readers.  You can either provide a pre-designed full or half-page advertisement via JPEG, PDF or TIFF, or you can submit the elements for your ad and our team can design one for you.  We also affordably offer Banner Advertisements which include your company logo, contact information, website and call to action of 15 words or less.

For detailed information on how to get involved with GOAL Magazine as a Contributor or Advertiser,

open our Publication Pricing Guide below or

Inquire Now to contact our Production Manager to get started today!

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Maximize Your Contribution

Interested in participating in the magazine and supporting our events? Take advantage of our annual sponsorship packages at discounted values to gain marketing exposure across all our channels including signage at our events, space in the magazine. acknowledgment on our podcast and features on our social media! Plus, packages include tickets to our events so you can have a great time, give back to the community AND gain visibility for your business -- all for one affordable annual cost.

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