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GOAL Magazine is pleased to offer you a 4 issue Subscription that can help raise your organization a big profit! You will earn a minimum of $9 per sale made!!  Our magazine arrived on the scene in Summer of 2016 and has quickly become the must-read publication in the area! Our progress over the last year has been much faster than originally anticipated. 

GOAL Magazine was designed for those looking to be enlightened by local professionals who collaborate to provide the community a valuable source of information. The magazine was created as a way of bringing professionals and leaders within the community working together to educate and interest readers with thought provoking and intriguing content.


  1. We are NEW which makes this something different compared to the wrapping paper, cookies and frozen pizzas! 

  2. You could make a HUGE profit!!

  3. In addition to making your organization money, you are promoting small local businesses who may be interest in supporting your organization.

  4. You are providing people with a valuable resource that they won't turn away because they are on a DIET!!

  5. Parents/Students are NOT RESPONSIBLE for separating, storing and delivering items.



Sell 100 -249 Subscriptions @ $20 each...$9 profit per subscription…

                                                                         Profit Varies from $900 - $2,241 Profit

Sell 250-999 Subscriptions @ $20 each....$10 profit per subscription…

                                                                         Profit Varies from $2,500 - $9,990 Profit

Sell 1000-4999 Subscriptions @ $20 each....$11 profit per subscription…

                                                                          Profit Varies from $11,000 - $54,989 Profit

Sell 5000+ Subscriptions @ $20 each...$12 profit per subscription…

                                                                           Profit Varies from $60,000 +++ Profit


  1. Call 724.209.8219 or email and we will email you a Master Order Form to complete.  

  2. Determine a minimum number of subscriptions you want each seller to work towards. Your “GOAL” should be to pre-sell 5-10 or 10-20 Subscriptions per seller or whatever you wish to meet your fundraising needs. A minimum of 100 magazines must be sold to receive any profit. Once this is determined, we will email you back a Master Order Form to give all your Sellers. You are responsible for distributing them in a timely manner.

  3. Run your fundraiser for approximately 2-3 weeks collecting $20 for each subscription ordered. Collect all order forms and payments from each seller prior to the deadline we will determine together. 

  4. By the Deadline, Email all the order forms. Once received, a representative of GOAL Magazine will give you a total amount due from your organization which is due within 10 days…the rest is your profit!!


We accept payment via Check Only.


All magazine issues will be mailed to the Customers Seasonally.

PLUS, we offer an incentive for the sellers to

WIN PRIZES for their efforts!!

Once you determine how many sellers you are having and what the minimum GOAL

is that you are expecting of them as well as the organization type, we will send you a

list of options to choose from. We want to make it as attractive as possible for them

as an incentive to sell more!

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